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Toshiba TEC News

15/06/2011 - The new Toshiba B-EX4 is coming soon!

The new Toshiba B-EX4 is coming soon! This printer will supersede the well established B-SX4/5 industrial printer range, offering more power but at a lower cost.

A 4" model will be offered initially with 6" model following soon after. The printer is available in either 200dpi or 300dpi variants with the advantage that these print heads can be interchanged - i.e. start with a 200dpi machine and then upgrade to a 300dpi machine.

Preview the printer by clicking the link below.



26/05/2009 - TOSHIBA TEC B-EV4 Entry level label printers

Longevity at the price you can afford B-EV4

“Our customers tell us they want a powerful label printer that is easy to handle and at an affordable price,” Angel de Juan, Auto ID European General Manager, TOSHIBA TEC Europe said. “The B-EV4 200 dpi and 300 dpi thermal transfer and direct thermal models we are introducing in Europe deliver this and more, to an expanding customer base who are very conscious of cost but require investment in the high-quality hardware that is our hallmark.”


The wide opening top cover mechanism has two distinct advantages to allow all users to safely and easily handle the TOSHIBA TEC B-EV4 printer. The wide open space provides easy access to the print head, paper and sensor but more importantly, has a cover damper to prevent accidental closings trapping unaware users’ fingers.



The robust double-walled cover design safely protects the inner casings from dust and external damage. Weighing in at slightly under 2.5 kg, the TOSHIBA TEC B-EV4 is as strong as he is powerful.

The TOSHIBA TEC B-EV4 has a standard connectivity line up of serial, parallel, USB 2.0 ports and internal Ethernet with SNMP management tools on board.

The TOSHIBA TEC B-EV4 has a 32-bit RISC chip on board to deliver top speeds in terms of label throughput and an 8 MB SDRAM image buffer. Seamlessly integrated with the installed application, the B-EV4 print speeds are set at 4 ips for the 300 dpi model and 5 ips for the 200 dpi model to enable fast and accurate job processing.


26/05/2009 - Why do companies prefer TOSHIBA TEC’s consumables?


Counterfeit products are illegal. They are designed to look like original brand products, but are sold for less and made with inferior materials. Buyers often think they are getting a good deal because of the lower prices and believe they are buying the real thing. Of course, there are those who know their consumables are counterfeit, but pretend ignorance and buy them anyway to save a few pennies.

What generally happens is that these consumables are used, successfully at first, and the business thinks it has scored a bargain. Unfortunately, these products cost less because they are made from cheaper materials and via the quickest manufacturing process possible - which always delivers quality problems.

Toshiba branded consumables are designed and manufactured to work in conjunction with the Toshiba printer range and the different printing technologies they use. They enhance the overall print quality and offer the best possible results whilst causing minimum wear on the working parts - in particular extending the lifecycle of the printer head.


09/04/2009 - TOSHIBA TEC B-SX600 printer


A strong performer in the extremely high-demanding Japanese market, the B-SX600 600 dpi industrial printer is the domestic industrial standard for name plate printing.

With a 1200 dpi micro step drive control, the positioning of the label can be easily and highly accurately controlled by using a feedback control system. The B-SX600 has a 0.3 mm accuracy of the print position in the media feed direction and can print on a 3 mm long label or can peel off 10 mm long labels.

A ribbon control mechanism prevents the ribbon tension to change, hence keeps the ribbon straight throughout. A perfect media centre alignment prevents an unbalanced contact of the print head with the media that may cause blurred prints at the media edges.

Load, click and print. That is the purpose of the B-SX600 600 dpi industrial printer. The B-SX600 operability is world-class with intuitive user menus, easy supply loading and large LCD panel displays, tool-less maintenance and extremely easy set up.


The B-SX600 is designed to be compliant with extremely strict industrial safety records: for example an interlock switch stops all printing activity when the cover is opened; users cannot touch moving parts such as the platen roller or the cutter unit. Also, the head cover is fitted with a damper mechanism to protect users from possible injuries.

Industrial applications
  • Life sciences: small, high-resolution labels for vials and slides; unit-of-use labels for pharmaceutical products and packages; labels for surgical tools and diagnostic kits
  • Electronics: top - and bottom side circuit board labelling; serial plate labels
  • Transportation (aerospace, rail, public transport, automotive): serial number component labelling
  • Manufacturing: company name plate, control panel/push button, compliance shipping, rating plate
  • Electrical, wire and cable identification: item identification, data communication patch panel, company name plate.


09/04/2009 - Message from Japan


Every month we shall insert a few lines about the company’s Japanese roots. This is to underline where we come from and where we are going to on our journey with you, our valued partners. The first article will briefly describe the element of quality.

Quality is what makes a TOSHIBA TEC POS & barcode printing solutions stand out from the crowd. But what is the proper meaning of quality ‘Made in Japan’? That, in one word, is through Monozukuri.

In Japan, Monozukuri is about craftsmanship’s vying for perfection - building on generations of craftsmanship essential for creating what we term as quality products.

The unique strength of TOSHIBA TEC’s Monozukuri has been creating unrivalled manufacturing capabilities around this craftsmanship and to deliver the best quality money can buy to businesses worldwide.


‘Made in Japan’ is a unique corporate philosophy that puts quality first and is rooted in ancient Japanese business philosophy: To conquer markets and the competition by developing and strengthening all the company’s resources to provide goods and services that so benefit the customer that you can conquer markets and the competition. The development of corporate and individual skills fits perfectly into the circle of commitment.

Angel de Juan, European AP Sales Director: “What is higher product quality other than higher deployment of skills? The decisive force in this success - for quality has been a most powerful weapon in Japan’s commercial drive - is the commitment to perfection. The Eastern spirit, however, gains enormously from the sense of unity that binds everything together and helps provide the confidence to strive for success to seek external victory through inner strength.”

This inner strength at TOSHIBA TEC is found in its 360 degree business philosophy: the design, creation, manufacturing, sales and support functions and finally the ‘homecoming’ during the recycling phase are all planned and executed by TOSHIBA TEC. In manufacturing automation, this makes the TOSHIBA TEC brand one of the last brands standing.